Manufacturing feature Chameleon AMLS – Adaptable Modular Loading System

Adaptable modular loading systems shake up the trailer market, with expansion plans on the horizon.

A rapidly growing Albury based manufacturer, Chameleon AMLS, is developing innovative and adaptable modular loading systems for ute trays and trailers.

The company’s director, Andrew Kaye, said the idea came from building his own recreational ute tray for his family. Drawing on his experience in steel manufacturing, he recognised the limited amount of choice available.

“We spent 18 months in the pre-production phase, ramping things up to develop a unique proposition, to manufacture a ute tray and trailer platform that is truly modular, flexible and for multiple uses.”

“Like Meccano, it had to easily be put together with a modularity piece to modernise and build out the capability. Over the last three years we have invested $3M in the design process, redevelopment, with prototype field testing and market positioning”.

In January 2019, the start-up moved into its current operations facility it has since outgrown, housing close to 30 staff from a range of corporate, trade and engineering backgrounds, who are both local and have relocated to the region.

With plans to bring more material processing in-house, Chameleon AMLS aim to develop a network of sales and fittings shop fronts across the country.

“Relocating to a new manufacturing and operations facility at NEXUS will enable us to increase our production team capability, employing 50-60 people in the next 3 years,” Andrew said.

“The proposed site is an attractive place in terms of location, providing us endless opportunity. The Invest Albury Wodonga team have been committed to the project, with their support enabling us to accelerate our plans.”

With national distribution and shipping across the country not only for recreational purposes, they’re now reaching broader markets such as construction, agriculture and industry.

Leading the way in innovative industrial design, keeping up with consumer demand and expanding manufacturing in the region, Chameleon AMLS are a success story in the making.

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