Bringing new jobs for locals and boosting the economy.

Veolia expands its capabilities into organic waste as a part of its circular economy mission for Albury Wodonga.

Environmental solutions company, Veolia, continues to grow its border operations through its circular economy model, leading the way in environmental management.

In February this year, it was awarded the Albury City Council commercial contract for collecting organic waste from across Albury Wodonga and turn it into compost or fertiliser.

The contract has enabled Veolia to expand into a wider variety of industry including pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

“In keeping with circular economy principles, the food waste will go back to making more nutritious food,” said Mr Thomson, Field Sales Manager.

"As more companies across the north east adopt a 'zero to landfill' approach, we are helping to meet these targets by working together to get the right outcome. This will mean generating green jobs of the future.”

Its current recycling activities divert hundreds of tonnes of waste from landfill every week. Cardboard recycling is carried out on-site in Wodonga, baling over 150 tonnes of cardboard weekly.

Veolia also collect soft plastics, like shrink wrap, which is recycled into over 100 new products, like plastic fence posts, with hard plastics recycled into things like bar chairs to support the concreting industry.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our capability into organic waste, which is not only more sustainable, but will mean more work opportunities for locals.”

The operations further strengthen its partnership with businesses across the region, and forms part of its mission to drive a circular economy that is focused on ecological transformation – to rebalance the ways humans interact with the planet.

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